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Anda is a Peninsula located at the eastern side of Bohol, 99 kilometers from Tagbilaran City

Originally, the municipality was a barangay of Guindulman called Quinali. The town was made into a separate municipality on March 12, 1875

“Anda” is a reference to the land that moves forward, as in Spanish “el lugar anda” – the land walks or moves. This was a rough attempt to translate “Quinale” into Spanish. The word “quinale” or “gui kale”, is a colloquial local term for a pile of sand dunes caused by the waves enhancing a new land mass. Hence, Anda which means “it walks.”

anda bohol-6734

early morning at Andale beach

Walk along the beach for some four kilometers, almost all the way from the boundary with Guindulman to the town center.

anda bohol-6788laze away on the powdery sand, relax, read a favorite novel or check  facebook and other social media accounts..

anda bohol-6794I don’t think it’s a good idea to build a structure along the kind of takes away the raw beauty of the shoreline..but well, are blogger friends having breakfast at Quinale Beach Bar.

Sto. Niño Church

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Sto. Niño Church

At the center of the town, an imposing church dedicated to Santo Niño, stands magnificently. It was completed in 1926.

Sto. Niño Church boasts some excellent Murals by  well-known Cebuano artist Ray Francia, who decorated many of Bohol’s Churches. Those in Anda are probably the best preserved.

anda bohol-6723

dawn view of the church taken during misa de gallo 2014   


Bringing joy and inspiration to Anda’s children. An Estonian non profit organisation, ANDAKIDZ is building a community centre in Anda, Bohol. It was inaugurated last Jan, 21, 2015.

It has an indoor play and learning centre that can be used by children of all ages when they are not in school (after school, weekends and holidays). A place to make crafts, paint & draw, read books, play games, enjoy musical instruments, watch educational programs, practice singing/dancing, hold events etc.

When kids are not using it, the community can take advantage of the centre for various projects and meetings.

A work in progress, there is still more to be done to complete the construction and equip the centre (second terrace, playground, pathways, lighting, additional games and musical instruments etc.) so donations and volunteers are still very welcome. Pls visit if you want to help.

Come to Anda and spend some of your time as a “responsible tourist” by volunteering. The centre can arrange a homestay for you or a good value resort/lodge.

You will have a fun and rewarding time – GUARANTEED!

The center is managed by TAFIAS (Talisay Fishermen Association).


Further inland, one can find numerous impressive sinkholes. Notables are Tigbao, Kabagnow, and Convento. Be careful to swim with an experienced guide who knows the local conditions. We were led by a local guide, but still managed to get lost upon exiting the area.. just shows how much you should think and prepare for every first!..


Beach Resorts

J&R Residence Beach Resort – Located at Sitio Dagohoy, Anda, Bohol..the cozy getaway off the beaten tourist tracks…
contact: 0908 821 5480

anda bohol-6861spend your day at the swimming pool..

anda bohol-6866..or hangout with your friends down by the beach..

anda bohol-6862

Guest houses are situated 12 meters above sea level with a  breathtaking view of the ocean and its  coral reef formations plus direct access to one of Bohol’s most beautiful beaches. Enjoy the tropical scenery from your private terrace. Experience  beautiful sunsets , interesting snorkeling tours, as well as relaxing beach walks and get pampered in their comfy beach restaurant or head  to the beach bar.

flower beach

Flower Beach and Diving Resort –  located in Virgen, Anda, Bohol – a quiet corner where you can enjoy beautiful nature both in and out of the water for a romantic vacation for couples.

contact: 0918 579 6166

anda bohol-6877sun..sea..skies..sights..take them all at flower beach.

anda bohol-6886 a cool place to be..swimming pool amidst coconut trees..

Feel nostalgic as you relax during cocktail hours and listen to classic music of the 70’s, 80’s, and the 90’s at the Bar in original DVD format. (no bootlegs on this resort).

Free Wi-Fi Internet is available for all guests in the proximity of the beach bar.  Diving is one of the activities you can do at the resort. You can also relax on the white sandy beach or snorkel in crystal clear water. If you are feeling energetic you can have a game of tennis or if it is a relaxation vacation you are after, go  visit their massage/spa area.

The Bloggers

anda bohol-6831

Cebu and Bohol bloggers joined hands in promoting Anda Enchanting Nature


Go visit Enchanting nature in Anda, Bohol.

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