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Nuestra Señora de Patrocino Parish Church

Boljoon Church is a veritable showcase of old and intricate carvings and bass relief. It is also pseudo-baroque rococo with beautifully decorated interior. It has a main nave and transcript and has twenty-eight pillars, two meters thick and made of mortar and lime, which support the walls as thick as the pillars


on the upper left is the Boljoon Municipal Hall. at the foreground you can see the Nuestra Señora de Patrocino Parish Church


Escuela Catolica
Built in 1940, the structure has a rectangular plan with a formal symmetrical façade. The double grand staircase anchors its overall presence, with concrete balustrade terminating towards the veranda the ornate callado design. Wood relief ornamentation accentuates the base of the roof pediment. The building provides the only American era characteristic to a very strong Spanish colonial era church complex setting.

It used to be a dormitory for children taking their first communion who were required to stay at the Escuela the night before taking the Holy Communion. It was also used as a school for religious teachings and for a time was a primary school. It  now serves as meeting place for the Parish’s various religious  groups.

heritage boljoon

Manang  Gemma Card (with the journal), a local Boljoon heritage guide, explaining to guests about the history of Escuela Catolica. You can contact her thru cel no. 09164421310 for an entertaining and educational tour of Boljoon Heritage sites..

heritage boljoon With the help of mobile technology and an empowered local community, Boljoon is upgrading its tourism with  the Digital Tourism program in the town.They  deployed interactive tourism markers . The markers contain a quick response or QR code and near-field communications or NFC stickers that, when scanned or tapped with a compatible device, trigger the download of more information about a site or structure.


church’s south gate


the Church’s north gate..


intricate mural at the ceiling of the church


staircase leading to the Rectory


Belltower viewed from the rectory’s window..


antique long chair at the rectory

heritage boljoon

One of the fortifications constructed by Fr. Julian Bermejo  is a two-level blockhouse facing the sea that now serves as a bell tower. This was used as a watchtower and bulwark in Fr. Bermejo’s days.

The town calls this structure El Gran Baluarte since it is the biggest watchtower built in Cebu and played a crucial role in the defense system of fortresses put up by Fr. Bermejo to deter Moro raids.

 It was completed in 1808. The ground level served as storeroom for weapons and ammunition and held a prison cell while the upper floor was a defense station armed with cannons.

heritage boljoon

This bulwark turned belfry is one of the tourist attractions in Boljoon today.

Within the prison cell with its high windows, one can still make out the drawings of galleons and other markings made by the prisoners. You can also see the signature of Fr. Julian Bermejo  on a portion of the wall.

Dr. Dionisio Niere House

Dr. Dionisio Niere of the Heritage houses in Boljoon.


Ili Rock
A popular landmark in Boljoon,  Ili Rock is a natural rock formation found at the entrance to the Poblacion. You can not miss its imposing presence going in to Boljoon.  Ilihan is believed to be a natural fortress during pre-historic times.  It is one of the main natural attractions in Boljoon.


Watchtower ruins.
Administered by Fray Julian Bermejo who built a series of fortifications during the 1800s. One of three watchtowers in Boljoon, it is perched atop Ili Rock, overlooking Bohol Sea . It is Made of cut coral stones. The remnants now has a makeshift cross planted over .


no easy climb towards the Watchtower ruins atop Ili rock.


Boljoon is 103 kms from Cebu City
All southern cebu buses are parked at South Bus Terminal
Bus fare : 120pesos ordinary.
Travel time : 2.5hrs-3hrs

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