budlaan falls


How would you like to go on an exciting nature trip in just 15mins  from the heart of CEBU CITY?…

..yes you just need 15mins to travel from the city to Bgy. Budlaan in Talamban, Cebu City.

Take a Taxi, and head directly to Budlaan.

You can also ride a jeepney  and ask the driver to drop you at the corner of Sunny Hills Subdivision, then take a habal-habal ride to Budlaan.

Report to Budlaan Barangay Hall before commencing on your trek. Log in your name, then ask for an emergency number you can call if you need help.

20121211-DSC_2284 ..rounding the river bend, amidst rocks, slippery trail and tangled bush, the pounding roar of rushing water gets even louder, you get a glimpse of the majesty that’s Budlaan Falls…for a split second your heart skips and you can’t figure out why..

My constant trek buddy,  Borge was uncharacteristically silent for a moment..and so was I..we just stood there and savor the raw beauty of the scenery..



..our group E.A.T. once slept overnyt right beside this..oblivious of the danger we put ourselves into, for flash flood usually occur in this area..the constant splash of onrushing water-the sound magnified by the stillness of the night, seem music that will lull you to slumber..


Enjoy the rest of the photos..



Cebu is blessed with a lot of magnificent waterfalls waiting to be explored. Each with a unique allure and enchantment. Come and visit..

Watch out for more waterfalls posting.







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