ClickPC photoshoot for IslaTours @ Camotes Island. – day 2


Early morning in Poblacion, San Francisco..

This sunless morning greeted our second day in Camotes. Thankfully the gloomy clouds gave way around 7am and we were off to a very hot start in our photoshoot for IslaTours..

baywalk camotes group shot

courtesy of Dave P-Photography

Baywalk.. A reclaimed area at the foot of Poblacion, San Francisco. An ideal place to do your physical fitness activities. You can jog around, ride a bike or go to the parallel and monkey bars, and just do your thing. Head to the refreshment parlors that dot the side of baywalk to rejuvenate after a hectic exercise. Afternoons, you can just laze around and chat with the locals. Several benches are scattered around baywalk. The mangrove forest beside provides a cool atmosphere to the place. A bustling nightlife is beginning to creep into baywalk. You can just stroll with friends and watch the stars, or if music is your thing, an acoustic bar is just a few footsteps away.


..the parallel bars


Monkey cheating!!..


don’t forget to bring your cam while strolling down baywalk..

  just beside baywalk is Agora.. The new and modern market place.


how much for the mangoes?…


off to Timubo cave.. 20130221-DSC_1260-3 Located in Bgy. Sonog, Poro, this is a source of water supply for the locals ever since and is a  popular site for those who wants to go on a family picnic. Cemented stairs provide for easy access,  though it is still quite slippery. A very low outcropping of stalactite found my head twice going, guys out there planning to visit better be careful… The group took a refreshing dip inside. Its crystal clear water was a welcome respite from the blistering heat outside.


entrance to the cave..shot from within..


crystal clear water..


..then we are off to the white beaches of Camotes.. DSC_1300 Along the shores of Bgy. Esperanza lies several beaches that you can visit. There are affordable resorts that can be found along the shoreline.


my friend herbert getting personal with a fishing boat..

DSC_1266 Across esperanza, we can view Tulang Diot Island. Another reason why Camotes is such a “go to” paradise.. What really caught our eyes was the public beach. The group was enticed by the blue waters to swim the hours away.. 20130221-DSC_1433-3


dave and charles giving princess the full water treatment..

..another refreshing view at the beach..Princess Manzon..Actress..ex PBB housemate..2012 Miss Earth Phils runner-up..more reason why you should visit just might catch her on one of the beaches..enjoy

princess leiza manzon



After that refreshing time at the public beach, it was time to visit the famed Lake Danao.


Lake Danao is a five-km long guitar-shaped lake in Pacijan Island. It has two parks on its shore located adjacent to each other- Lake Danao Park and the privately owned Green Lake Park. Its natural beauty lies in its seclusion. Christened the “Lover’s Lake”, it has several hidden places ideal for   couples to spend time privately away from prying eyes. It also boasts of having the peace and quiet that couples seek. There’s a trail around its banks that will take you around the lake.


you can have a quiet lunch on this twin-hulled boat..



one of several benches around the lake danao trail..


Along the way to Santiago Bay, we passed by a community that is into bamboo weaving..we felt it was worth to include the activity into our shoot..


preparing the bamboo for weaving..


princess tries her hand on weaving..


so young yet already an expert in weaving..


the finished product..


..then we continued to our final destination..Santiago Bay..


Santiago Bay has a long strip of beach which directly fronts the town of Santiago. This is a public beach and is a favorite hang-out  for the locals as well as foreign visitors.  There are a couple of  resorts, restaurants and vendors operating on the beach. Huts constructed by the local government units can be used for a minimal fee..


the Bay..


Santiago Bay Gardens


Pino’s Sutukil..where we had dinner..

It was a fulfilling photoshoot adventure. Thanks to Princess Manzon for the opportunity to experience Camotes, her hometown. I would really recommend Camotes to everybody. Enjoy the sights, the beaches…its locals who are very hospitable and has an ever ready smile whenever we greet them.. I’ve been to Camotes thrice and  could say that the place never ceases to amaze for its unspoiled beauty. It is a “must-return” vacay for everyone. Again, I would definitely recommend this paradise for families looking for never ending fun and surprises. How to get there: From the airport or the pier, take a taxi and go to North Bus Terminal. Ride on any bus. All buses actually passes by Danao City. Fare is Php50. Tell the conductor to drop you off Danao Wharf. There are different ferries you can take starting from 5:30am until 5:30pm. Time interval for the trip varies. They don’t usually adhere strictly to schedule. HAVE A GOOD TIME..

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