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coalition for better education


CBE presents the Energy Flash Cards

Learning from actual calamitous events in the Bicol Region, wherein teachers were forced to continue school activities outside school bldgs, Coalition for A Better Education (CBE) planned to replicate the idea to various public schools. Thus the Energy Flash Card was born. These are Project-Based Learning (PBL) Do-Cards.

Recently, CBE challenged 37 public school teachers to make flashcards for use as a learning tool. It was no surprise that they were able to make 350 different energy flashcards in 5 days (after all, the teachers were products of CBE training programs). These flashcards will be used voluntarily, and certainly help in teaching students, yet they will not be a school requirement. Ultimately, CBE will push for its usage.

The Flashcards will be launched this August. CBE aims to distribute these to different public schools around the country. These will be posted online and be made available to anyone who wants to use these as a learning tool especially during natural disasters.

coalition for better education

photo courtesy Chanel Marie

A CBE Bloggers forum was held at Cafe Laguna last June 20, 2015.

CBE is a membership organization which is open for all and needs more members from the media sector. For details pls contact:

Coalition for Better Education
Center for Teachers Excellence (CefTEx)
G/F Arts & Science Bldg., Cebu Normal University Campus
Tel. no. 032-4164625 to 26

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