Let’s Do It Philippines 2nd Asian Conference

A chance encounter with some blogger friends led to a hurried decision that will change the way I look at TRASH.

Right after the launching of an Eco-Art exhibit at Cebu City Hall, I met fellow bloggers Bjorn and Mark  during the delegates’ luncheon held at the Social Hall. They asked me to fill-in for them at the Let’s Do It Philippines 2nd Asian Conference and take photos that will be used for the website (letsdoitphilippines.org). Having no plans for the weekend, I accepted without even thinking that i have to prepare my things for a 4-day event with the bus waiting at the steps of Cebu City Hall ready to depart any minute. The next hour was a blur. I can’t remember how I did it but found myself riding the suroy-suroy bus bound for San Remegio Beach Club.

The Conference


Dinner was served upon our arrival at San Remegio Beach Club.

Day 1 was a welcoming, introduction and assignments of accomodations kind of activity. Delegates had fun playing a “getting to know you” game right after dinner. It was lights out soon after for a much needed rest in preparation for a hectic schedule the following day.


The sun was barely up when Mara Cantonao led a yoga session to start the 2nd day of the conference.

..while at the beach another session is going on with alieth, lisondra, roxanne anh, and thanh huong..

Day 2 was a swirl of events..right after the registration of delegates to the Let’s Do It Philippines 2nd Asian Conference, speakers after speakers, then workshops..there was no break in the discussions. Snacks were taken amidst the activities. Coffee was free flowing all day long. I felt drained going to different venues during the workshops taking photos.

7:30pm was a welcome sight looking at my smartphone time. With a dinner buffet set by the beach,  a presentation of posters done by delegates using recycled materials was exhibited at a makeshift stage. A short play about caring for our mother earth drew applause from the delegates. Hand prints on the world map was done thereafter to symbolize how we must make a stand to clean-up and keep our world free from illegal trash.


If day 2 was a swirl of events, day 3 was twice the activity, with newly arrived delegates joining in, contributing to great ideas and molding plans on how to make the Let’s Do It Philippines clean-up campaign for Sept. 20, 2015 gather 5 million volunteers from every nook and cranny of the entire Philippine archipelago.

Then it was time for culmination night. After some great exhange of ideas, heated arguments on how to proceed with replicating leaders and other activities, its time for us to be happy and gay…. certificates and recognitions given..chatting & mingling with each other…. In this night we had a semi formal gathering…drinks flowed into the night..it was a great day to be with fellow delegates and like minded individuals.

The work just barely begun..now it’s time to recruit leaders and train them so they likewise may train more leaders and cascade the campaign to the entire Philippines.

My Turn

I came to this conference looking to photograph and just document the event. I was not prepared to the transformation within myself. The youthful enthusiasm and determination displayed by the delegates from different asian countries including those from Estonia, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, and USA rubbed onto my sensebilities. I learned that even the smallest contribution one can make to a worthy cause will have a ripple effect and contribute to a broader perspective, and ultimately success to the endeavour. I came home feeling determined to help whatever small action I can do to this campaign.

to learn more about this campaign, please visit:



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