Sta Fe Beach Club


The very first resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan opened in 1992.

White sand..white cottages..A stone's throw away from Sta Fe wharf will land you at Sta. Fe Beach Club. Fittingly named after the gateway municipality of Bantayan Island, this resort stands as a pioneer in what has now become the main attraction for tourists who flock to this northern paradise of Cebu.

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guests are taken cared of by these lovely ladies..Judi Tecson and Irma Buenaventura

Best time to visit is during the first half of the year when waves are not so threatening while on a 1 hour ferry trip  from Hagnaya port in San Remigio. Book in advance for the annual lenten fiesta to make sure you get accommodation.


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You don't have to worry about trash in this place. Gerry, the beachkeeper does his job so well you can laze around anywhere. I chanced upon him after having my breakfast; says he was up with his rake at sunrise. No wonder the beach was trash-free by the time I strolled down. Late afternoon he will repeat the process. Beachkeeper?..sounds like a good summer job for me. I wonder if there are resorts hiring at this time of the year.


Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck Bantayan on Nov. 8, 2013. Nothing was spared of the destruction wrought by the super typhoon. The entire structures of Sta Fe Beach Club were leveled to the ground. What was left of the main building - its ground floor -  was immediately used as an evacuation center.

Left without electricity coupled with scarcity of carpenters, Sta Fe Beach Club immediately started the rehabilitation and construction of the damaged properties. They were so efficient on doing this that barely two months later,  a partial re-opening  was already in about perseverance and hard work!..

sta fe beach-06618

Sta Fe Wharf..a leisurely 3mins beach stroll from the resort


The Philippine Water Code establishes easement areas at specific distances from the sea to protect the right of the public to enjoy free access for fishing, navigation and floatage. The distance is 20 meters  from high tides as in Bantayan’s case.

I have seen several resorts in the area violating this code, but thankfully Sta Fe Beach Club is not among the violators. I have not measured the distance, but it seems they adhere to the code.
If only they  can come and visit Mactan Island, then see for themselves the destruction done by resort owners in that area, then maybe Bantayan Island resort operators will not need any code to govern them, and just leave nature by itself.


A motley crew organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7); Local Government Unit of Bantayan; Philippine Information Agency and the Cebu Blogging Community went on an #iBLOGforBANTAYAN eco-voluntourism event last Feb 21-23, 2015.

Sponsors for the event:  
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) Bantayan Chapter; Bantayan Island Association of Hotels Resorts Bars and Restaurants; Nature's Legacy      

This Summer.. come visit Bantayan!..I've been there countless times, yet it always seems the first time everytime.

please visit their website for reservations.

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